Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ready for the test

So, for Christmas in July, I decided to work on a new approach to pattern writing.  Instead of making it up as I go along, and then trying to frantically remember what I did and write it down, I did all the math first.  I spent probably a good 3 hours working on this one on the fore-front, and I'm hoping the work will pay off.

Courtesy of The Whole Nine Yarns

I'm going to start working up one size tomorrow night, and see if I need to adjust anything.  I will also be trying it on the main subject, Princess, as I go.  She loves new clothes, and a skirt from Mommy will definitely fill the bill.  I'll have to check on some fabric to line the skirt from the local fabric store, and then it should be complete.

Courtesy of Sew Main Street

I think I left enough room for the fabric, but I hope I didn't leave too much ease.  This is the testing concern.

I still have to figure out what to do with my Dragonfly Rib sock.  It wouldn't fit over my heel.  So, I ripped back to the decreases in the gusset.  I'm going to try that on, and see if it will fit.  If so, then I know I just need to decrease less, so I have more stitches.  I can change out the top part for the large size, and leave the foot the medium size.  Not hard, but I just want to make sure it'll fit before getting started.  My other sock, the Hermione's Everyday Sock for my MIL, is moving along nicely.

Madeline Tosh Sock in Home
I'm almost done with the heel flap, then I just have to turn it, decrease the gusset, move down the foot, do the toe decreases, and graft up the toe.  All in all, I should be about halfway done with it.  Elijah is moving a little slower, so there's only a part of one leg done.

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