Friday, July 19, 2013

Knitting for breakfast

I've been under the weather, and still trying to get out from under it.  It's hard when it goes from pouring down rain one minute, to over 90 degrees the next.  We've been stuck with a summer cold, and mine is lingering a bit.  I do have something to show you:

It's Hermione's Everyday Sock, part 4.  I knit one pair in Rhubarb for my SIL for Christmas (Shhh!  Don't tell her!) and this is the colorway Home from MadelineTosh.  Same pattern, second sock.  I am however, getting a bit bored with this pattern.  It's a great pattern, and it works up quickly, and it's terrific for the MadelineTosh, but let's face it - by #4, it's old hat.

So, what am I going to start next?  Well, glad you asked! :)  I have an Elijah to finish (hopefully I can take some pictures this weekend for you) and I'm going to start another pair of socks for Christmas (hey - we only have 174 days left - time to get busy!).

Oh, and there's something new on the horizon!  Wanna know what it is?  Well, I'll tell Christmas in July!  Haha!  I had to get a shameless plug in there somehow!  Come on by and visit, and you can see what I'll be up to next.  Or, you can wait until after Christmas in July, and I'll tell you here.  It promises to be fun though, and I'll give you a hint - it's crochet!  The details for Christmas in July are as follows: 11-4 at The Whole Nine Yarns, in downtown Woodstock.  It's $5 at the door (for printing costs) and the rest is free!  You'll get to meet just about all the teachers, see projects for Christmas (or any time), ask questions, buy'll be fun!  I've been for several years, mostly as a teacher, and it's great.  You always find the coolest people will show up and you get to know them.  Hope to see you there!

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