Monday, January 14, 2013

New Traditions

I think we're going to have a new tradition for the children.  I'm going to knit them a sweater for Christmas and their birthdays.  I'm almost done with Little Man's birthday sweater, and he got his Big Blue Sweater for Christmas.  Princess will get a sweater for her birthday as well (it's not until September) and I have a cardigan to reknit for her as well.

The new year is proving to be interesting.  I am attempting to finish things, and so far, not too bad.  I'm not perfect, just like anyone else, and things fall by the wayside.  But, there's a few things I do want to finish this month:

1) Gemini

My Purple Gemini

2) A Simple Skirt

I have a lovely length of a dark blue dragonfly cotton print, and I want it for me, and I think I want a skirt.  I'm trying to branch out of my comfort zone in sewing, and the best way I can do that is to try to tackle one project a month.  Yes, I know I still have 2 quilts, actually 3, still waiting for me.  I know I said I was going to finish what I start.  However, I've had this fabric for a couple of years, and so I am completing what I started.  I just started this WAY back.  Well, sort of.  At least I'm using what I have instead of running out and buying more.  I have also had the brilliant idea of how to expand my wardrobe on the cheap.  It's called Goodwill.  But not in the way you expect.  How many people go there looking for flat sheets to make into skirts?  Or for sweaters to rip out and knit new ones?  I'm exploring the concept of reusing old things.  Making things from what's already there.  Consuming less by consuming old things others don't want.  Recycling into handmade items.  I'm reaching back into the depression era mentality and going with either what we have or what we can reuse.  What about you?  Are you interested in recycling old clothing, or just buying new?  Can you not imagine wearing something re-purposed, or does the thought of something new off the rack drive you to tears?

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