Sunday, May 19, 2013


Ever have those moments when life seems to be perfectly clear, and time seems to stand still?  I get that a lot.  It usually happens when I'm delusional and think that I can accomplish way more in a certain amount of time than I really can.  For example, I figure that by this time next week, I can finish the test knit I'm working on, finish the first pair of Christmas socks, do two swatches for patterns, knit a pair of socks for myself, clean the house, make a skirt pattern from scratch - and sew up the skirt, muslin and all, cook fabulous meals over the weekend, and still get fully rested over the Memorial Day weekend.

So....yeah.  I'll probably be doing good to get half of that done, and I may not even make that.  I know I'm delusional though, which is a step ahead of where I was about 10 years ago.  Maybe wisdom does come with age.  I am thinking however, that I will get some really great things done this summer.  I'm already taking a Craftsy course about making an A-line skirt.  So far, I'm learning a good bit, especially since it takes you from start to finish on making one - from measurements to pattern to actual skirt.  The next couple of items will be to finish up some sewing projects, make at least one skirt for myself, make some pants for the kiddos, and a couple of dresses for the Princess.  That being said, I don't know that it will go quite as quickly as I'd like, as there's a bunch of knitting that needs to get done as well - like Christmas socks.  However, plans are important, and I've figured out that you can accomplish a lot just by making plans and abiding by them.  It doesn't mean things don't happen to change them ("why no, officer, I wasn't aware that the speed limit was 35" or "sure, we can order Chinese tonight" or "you need this done by when?"), but if you plan things out, you have a direction and can make progress towards it.  A new mom in my office recently commented that she didn't understand how her mother did it - worked full-time, kept an immaculate house, took the kids everywhere, and still made a home-cooked meal every night.  I hate to break it to her, but it all comes down to having a plan.  It's a lot of work, no doubt, but it's not difficult.  It's a matter of setting yourself a schedule, and even though you have a few bumps along the way, staying the course and getting done what needs to be done, despite what you feel at the moment.  You may not feel like setting up the coffee pot for in the morning, but it's better to do it now so that the morning goes smoother.  You may not feel like prepping some food for tomorrow night now, but it will make cooking that meal a lot easier after you're stuck in traffic for an hour and a half because someone decided to try and break the laws of physics by putting two objects in the same place at the same time.  It takes planning, and that's what I'm doing - planning.  

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