Thursday, May 31, 2012

Finished Objects

So, I've finished a few things, and promised pictures.  Here's one thing I finished:

How do you like that?  Not the Princess, the dress. :) It turned out really well, and just barely soon enough.  She's almost too big for it now, which is sad.  She may be able to wear it through the summer, and then we'll have to put it away.  Here's something else I made:

This banana pudding is a recipe from Bakerella, and it's easy.  I mean, seriously easy.  Like, in 20 minutes, you're done making it.  You wait 20 minutes or so for it to set up in the fridge, and you dig in.  Make it right before dinner, and by the time you're ready for dessert, it's ready for you.  I've made this 3 times by request from Hubby.  How do you like that?

Here's my latest adventure:

I have ventured into the world of sewing!  I made the Sash with Beaded Fringe from Amy Butler.  The trickiest part was the beaded fringe (go figure).  I couldn't get my zipper foot to work with it (the beads kept getting caught) so I just hand-stitched the ends.  It wasn't too bad really.  Easy pattern and a fast sew.  Here is one more shot for you:

I really like the way it turned out.  And unless I point out the problems with it, you'd never know.  So, I'm not going to.  I'm going to take a lesson from Deborah at Whipstitch, and just say "thank you" if someone complements me on it.  Oh, and one more picture, because I'm a slacker with pictures, and I have to add in this shot of Little Man:

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