Friday, June 22, 2012

Still working on it.

So, I'm done with school.  It's been a long hard journey over the past 2 years, but I'm done.  I'm now the proud possessor of a Master's degree in Business Administration and a huge pile of loans.  At some point, those will be paid off, but it will be far into the future, unfortunately.  That would be part of the surprise I keep promising.  The other part should work itself out in the next week or so, and I'll be able to announce it here too.

In other news, here are some lovely pictures for you:

This is the Bella Dress, and I fixed it.  It didn't take long, but it did take a little time.  It still looks lovely on Princess.  This was out of Merlin from Louet - it's lovely and drapey and a combination of merino wool and linen.  The linen gives the merino just enough stability without killing your hands.

This is the supposed Ann Norling #27 vest - that isn't.  This was a completion project and the woman who had started it thought it was a published pattern.  It wasn't.  I bought a copy of the supposed pattern she used, but she made so many changes to it, it was hardly recognizable anymore.  If anyone would like details, I'd be happy to share the changes, and I may at some point write them down and post them.  For now, I'm just glad it's done.  I'm not sure what yarn this was, but it felt like Noro of some kind.

This is another one of those easy, simple, stupid-fast scarves from Rowan.  It uses Kid Silk Creation and about 2 hours of your time.  Really - it is that fast.  The results are fabulous and it looks like you spent WAAAY more time on it than you really did.  Here's the model shot:

I know - the model isn't wearing the best shirt for the pictures, but it was all I had at the time. :)

Someone had asked about a model shot of the Sash with Beaded Fringe from Amy Butler, so here it is.  Again, probably not the best shirt to wear with it, but ta-da - there it is.

I don't think I posted a picture of this one yet - this is the Little Red Riding Cowl by Francine Toukou. This one was easy, fast, simple, and terrific.  This is definitely a quick, gratifying project.  Like one you need while finishing graduate school. :)  Here's another model shot for you:

Here is Francine Toukou's Fireside Capelet (this link is the closest to it I could find).  Again, another easy fast crochet item for instant gratification.  I think it took me a weekend to work it up (great for gifts!).

And the gratuitous model shot of the capelet:

I think this one turned out better than the others, mainly because it was so BLAZING HOT in the shade.  And we did this at like 10-11 in the morning.

This are the lovely Foundling Mitts, which are to be published in What Would Madame DeFarge Knit? Volume 2.  The book isn't out yet, but the test pattern was beautifully written and it will be well worth the wait.

These are the Marietta Mitts, designed by Mariana from The Whole Nine Yarns.  I think the pattern is still up on the blog - another well written, easy pattern.  These would be a great first pattern for someone to learn knitting in the round.

I couldn't add pictures without adding my own creation.  These are the Skolnick mitts, sans the double stitching on the palm.  The picture doesn't really show the cable - maybe next time.

This is yet another Francine Toukou pattern: her Simply Slippers pattern wasn't the one I bought, but it's still the same (I think).  The pattern I purchased was Flowers from Head to Toe, and it added a flower pattern to the slippers, but you could just take the flowers off if you wanted.  Again, another super-simple fast crochet project.

Here is the model shot again.  There are a few changes I'd make to the pattern, but I think it's because my feet are so HUGE (I wear a size 10 in women's, and I'm only 5'6"!).  I'd make the top not so wide - it has a tendency to slip down around my little toe.  I did make them longer than the pattern called for, thinking that I'd need the extra length.  I don't know that I really do.  In any case, that's all for now.  Watch for some more updates and possibly some new patterns!  I'm hitting a really big creative phase at the moment and my fingers can't fly as fast as my brain! :)

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