Thursday, September 14, 2006

I promised and forgot.

I promised pictures today, because I had found my digital camera. But, having baby brain, I forgot. I was so intent on having a night at home and spending time with my DH, I completely forgot. Well, I did remember at one point, but I think that was just before it was brownie time, and then the brownies erased all memory of pictures.

I read here that Kerrie is also pregnant, and that she's expecting in March, which is just 2 months after me (Congrats to her!). She's considering doing this pattern from Knitty as a cardigan, which made me start thinking, why not? It might work after all. I'm still waiting to hear back from Amy to see if she's thought about a pregnant issue...all things maternity and newborn related. I emailed her yesterday, so I expect to wait a good week or so before hearing back from her.

I didn't knit a single stitch yesterday, although I did feel a little guilty about it, since there's a long way to go on the blanket, and after next Friday, the lady that's due is on leave. If I knit like a mad woman during lunches and at every turn, I might get it finished.

In other news, I received a knit blanket recently. I had knit it for my grandmother, and since she passed away this year, I asked for it back. It's large and green, and very nice. It's a little holey, and if there's a fan blowing on you, you still feel it. But if there's warm air or you're just a little chilly without a breeze or the air conditioner, it works very well. I'll have to take pictures of it soon as well. I thought I had some already of it, and I might, but they're probably on the computer at home or on a disk, if I can ever find it. New pictures might be in order.

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