Monday, November 28, 2005

Sock Progress

Well, I finished the first pair of Cigar gloves for my brother. The second pair will come once I get some other projects done.

I turned the heel on my first sock! Woot! It's very exciting. I'm working on the gusset now. Oh, and more good news, I got the cable for the digital camera, so hopefully I can post pictures soon! It's been a long-time coming, I know.

The Georgia/Georgia Tech game was Saturday, and that provided good knitting time, with the exception of not having my pattern handy. So, I had to spend most of the third quarter writing it down. It was a sad game, since Tech didn't win. They should have won. It was a very football holiday weekend for me. I think I watched about 3 games total, with hubby watching at least 4 football games and catching pieces of college basketball games. Some days I just can't win for losing.

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