Friday, November 18, 2005

I'm trying!

I'm really trying to blog more! Look here...two posts in one week! Ok, so here's the progress. I have about 4 rows left on my purple sweater, so hopefully it'll be done this weekend and ready for wear come Monday. That will be nice, since it's started getting cold here. It got down into the 20s last night. That's cold, even by northern standards. *grins* I am working on the pinky of my brother's Cigar gloves. That should also hopefully be completed this weekend.

The next project is to take out my mohair sweater. I just don't like it. It's too big and clunky (if a sweater can be clunky). I've decided it's in the frogging pond and will be frogged soon. I think it will be a beautiful wrap instead. I think mohair works better for a wrap than for a sweater anyway.

Ack! I almost forgot about my socks! I have one pair on the needles (I'm close to starting the heel for the first sock) and another one waiting in the wings. I also have some sock yarn for a child's pair of socks. Those might wait a couple more months, like during summer. That would be a good light project that I could do easily and quickly (I hope).

I am also trying to budget for a Master Hand Knitter's Certification. We'll see how that turns out. I'm thinking sometime (like my birthday) I might buy myself the membership and the first level. That one should be easy to complete. I saw the requirements for it, and it doesn't look like the first level is too difficult or all that time consuming (also another good project for the summer - swatches). The second requires more thought, but I'm kind of disappointed in the paper requirements. It's a one-pager. What did I take all those English courses for?! I LOVE writing papers about things I'm passionate about. They might get more than they bargained for with the papers. *smirk*

Man, I almost forgot about some of the other projects that are in hiding. I have another pair of the Cigar gloves to do, Marvin the Paranoid Android to finish (I'm in the process of making and re-working some of the original designs - not that they're bad, but for me they're more of a starting point). I also have a felting project to try (lovely shades of Cascade to knit into a bag and felt), and lots of yarn for various and sundry other projects. I'm trying to be REALLY good and not buy more yarn (but gifts are ok *big grin*) and use what I have up.

I was going to make a tri-colored sweater, but now I can't find the pattern! I know it's around there somewhere, and perhaps when I get organized I'll find it. I thought it was in a magazine, but I've looked in all the magazines I thought I had at that time and can't find it. Perhaps I'm just wrong and I made it all up. Then again, perhaps this is a dream and in reality I've already completed it. If only...*sighs*

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