Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Once again...

I am falling behind on blogging. Oh well, at least it's for a different reason. This time I've been busy with cleaning and getting my life off of hold and started again. I'm doing a fair job of it. I love that I don't take work home with me. I love that I can leave on time without an excuse. So, what have I been doing on the knitting front? Well, I'm about 10 rows shy of finishing my purple sweater (again-the neck was too wide and needed modifying). I'm almost done with one set of the Cigar gloves my brother wants, and I'm part-way through a sock. I had problems finding a sock pattern I like with self-striping yarn. I didn't want any patterns in the sock, since I thought it would be too busy-looking with the stripes. I want to finish both pair of socks (there's another one waiting to be started) by Christmas. We'll see if that's going to really be possible. I know I'll have time to knit over Thanksgiving, and maybe I can get 2 circular needles going on the second pair, and do both socks at once. I have a dilemma...the purple mohair sweater I finished I just don't love. I need to do something else with it. So, it's to the frogging pond for it. I'm thinking a lovely lace shawl would work wonders for it. I'm hoping I'll be able to find something that I absolutely LOVE for it...this one needs a lovely pattern. I'm actually thinking of doing what David did with the other part of this yarn.

Ok, here's the story. A friend of mine had two colors of mohair, the mauvy pink and a lovely turquoise. The turquoise went to David, a friend of hers who knits. The rest went to me, because I also knit. David made a lovely wrap with his, in a leaf pattern. I'm thinking of doing the same thing, and then I can wear it with many different things, and it won't itch like crazy. I did wash the sweater, and I'm still just not crazy about it. It's definitely in the frogging pond.

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