Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Once again...another rushed week

Well, I have another week from hell at work. I can't post much today, but perhaps once again I'll try and post something this weekend. I'm currently working on a scarf from Scarf Style. It's called Backyard Leaves by Annie Modesitt (she rocks!). You can visit her here. I really loved the design, and it's my first chart project. I think it's going very well, even though I always seem to have a "d'oh" moment...like with the "no stitch" blocks. I thought there was something special that happened there, and I was wrong. That's why knitting is so great...it's forgiving. I only wish my deadlines at work were.


Bev said...

I came, I read. I gotta figure out how to change my blog to include some of the stuff on the side. http:\\yarn-roses.blogspot.com

Laura said...

Thanks Bev! I searched in the help files and found out how to change that code (the code is in second tab when you go to update your blog) and it helped me know what I was looking for and how to change it. I'm definitely a beginner in the world of code, but maybe after messing with it a little, I'll get enough courage to check out a book from the local library and start messing with it on my own!

max said...

Good luck with your blogging.