Friday, April 15, 2005

Man, what a week!

It's been a long, grueling week for me. I've finished 9 repeats, so I only have 2 left on the first half of Backyard Leaves, and then I can end that half, block it, and start on the second half. I'm also planning my next project, not sure what part of my stash to use up.

I had an interview Monday that lasted for 3 hours (WAY to long...a note to all employers - if you schedule a lunch interview, realize that the person you're interviewing probably has a job and only has an hour to spend, including driving time. Please be considerate and be respectful of that time.) . I had a meeting Tuesday night, so I had to fly home, eat and fly down to the meeting. Wednesday I not only had choir, but my husband received an award at school (ntice I'm beaming with pride). He won the Upper Division English Award - for the most outstanding paper in an Upper Division English class. Not bad, huh? Today, well, today was reporting day. We were supposed to get some reports done, but got an extension until Monday and I'm still here. I'm ready to go home.

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