Tuesday, April 12, 2005

It's amazing...

how I can always sqeeze in a few minutes to post to this blog. It must be knitting. So, since we're already talking about it (since this IS meant to be a knitting blog), I'm 8 repeats through Backyard Leaves. I am amazed at how quickly I'm going through the pattern now. I can do an entire repeat in about an hour, and that's while watching TV or reading blogs and emailing. I'm pretty amazed by my speed and agility. Ok, enough bragging. I have decided that my Soft Focus sweater needs a little "improving". I'll do a before and after picture, but I have to wash it first. Here's a helpful hint to newbies...when you wash a sweater you have knit and plan to wear, make sure it's COMPLETELY dry before folding it up. It causes a really nasty odor to follow you around all day, and even though apparently no one else smells it, it can really get on your nerves. I've decided to reknit the collar portion, and reseam the sweater. I screwed up the armholes after I seamed, wore and washed. There were some small holes, and instead of taking a new piece of yarn to fix them, I just pulled some from the seam and sewed it up. BIG mistake. Now where the sleeves join the body is a little tight around the arm. It's not very comfortable, but it's not bad enough to make me not wear it. However, since I'm going to fix the collar (I'm thick through the shoulders, and the boatneck draws attention to that) I figure might as well.

I have also decided that I'm getting really good at this knitting thing, and I should probably follow in this person's footsteps. I'm not sure if I was aware they had a knitting certification, but I figure, heck, why not have more certificates than a wall can handle hanging up? If nothing else, they're impressive to most people who would come in to your office, right?

Speaking of offices, is there a job that includes knitting, music and accounting? Oh, yeah, I guess I should mention that I am an accountant by trade (good at math, good with numbers...NOT a Type A personality though) and my current dream job is teaching college level music courses. How's that for being WAY off track? I do plan on going back to school for a music degree (through a PhD, mind you - although not a Type A, I am ambitious) after my husband gets where he can work full-time. He's still pursuing a bachelor's in English Lit, and then a master's. He also wants to be a college prof, just in English (obviously). I can't think of anything that could include all three of those (knitting, music and accounting) unless it was working in a bookstore. Then I could be shelving all those, and passing out general knowledge of each to those interested.

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