Friday, October 28, 2016

Happy Halloween!

I finished the poncho on Tuesday, except for the details.

I have to weave in the ends and add buttons, but one Christmas present done!  Other progress to be shown:

Little Man's birthday sweater back.  I have done the shaping for the armholes, and am working towards the neck and shoulder shaping.  It has been a long time since I did a sweater in pieces.  I like the speed that you feel like you make once you make it so far on one piece.  Then you realize that you have another half to do, plus the sleeves, and suddenly you don't feel so great anymore. *grins*

Ah, the Christmas socks for my brother.  I don't know that this comes through very well, but the color is English Ivy from Sweet Georgia Yarns.  It's in their Tough Love Sock yarn, and I love the rich green color.  The patter I am using is Sea Wall from the Cascadia book, but I have modified it.  The pattern originally calls for a 1x1 ribbing all around the sock.  I don't think my brain can handle that much right now, so I made the back of the sock stockinette and kept the cable.  It's much faster for me, and my brain can handle it.

There are more socks to make for Christmas, but for now, these are the ones on the needles.  I have at least 2 other pairs, and a vest, so hopefully I can whip them out in the next few weeks.  At least one of the pairs of socks will be plain, so that will be easy and fast.

Life is crazy at this time of year, but I hope you make time for yourself and your loved ones.  Enjoy the season and the beautiful weather.  Happy Halloween!

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