Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Making more with less

I am in a mode to use what I have, and use it up quickly.  I want several items finished by Christmas, but realizing that I still have to cook (because my littles like to eat multiple times a day), clean (because after a while the bathroom really does start to smell), run laundry (no one likes smelly, dirty clothes), and other necessary activities, I may not be able to get all the projects done by then.  So, some of it will take some planning and re-thinking.  First off, this one may not be done:

I have it started, and have found that I need another skein.  I can get it, so that is not a problem.  I think it might even be the same dye lot (praise be).  I'm going to work on it still, but I have a back up plan for all the kiddos - hats and mittens.  There is nothing better than a warm wool hat and mittens for the cold weather.  I know I have enough for 2 of the 3, and I think once I am done with one gift, I will have the yarn for the 3rd one.  I have also started this project:

The front is done, and the back is on its way.  I still have to finish the Speckled Scarf, and am winding that one down as well.  I will probably have enough left to make another one, which will be after the first of the year.

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