Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Quest Complete

I found my swift and ball winder.  Of course the box was hidden.  It was surrounded by boxes, with stuff piled on top of it.  And it took me about half an hour to find it.  But on Sunday, I did finish this:

I think the fringe turned out well.  Here's a modeled shot:

I think he's a good looking model, don't you?  But then, I'm a little biased.  I had to rip back on the pink sweater.

I think it's even less than this picture.  I took it back and started some more decreases.  I had stopped decreasing on the front, and I ripped back to add more.  I think I was going to end up with too many.  So, I'm working on it still.  Once it's done though, I think it will be great.  It's just a matter of getting the neckline right with the sleeves.  I think I can work it out.  It's getting to be sweater weather here...how about where you are?

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