Tuesday, March 26, 2013

On to another

I finished the Daisy Wrap this weekend.  It was actually Friday night.  I was surprised at how quickly the edging went.

I haven't been able to block it; I should have over the weekend, while I had the space, but I forgot my blocking wires and pins.  Then, last night, I tried, but I don't have enough space here to block it. I will have to rely on The Whole Nine Yarns to block it for me, or give me the space to block it.

I was out of town this past weekend to celebrate my birthday!  I am now 23.  Haha!  Far from it, I can assure you.  Some days it feels farther behind me than others.  I did celebrate a bit, but not like I would have back then.  This year, we went to the annual shearing of alpacas up at Adonai's Alpacas, so we got to see our buddy Job again.

This one is kind of hard to see - my camera lens fogged up that day.  That day was hot - this day, it was COLD!  The weather's been crazy, and we're all suffering.  I've had the good sense to wait on planting my garden, so all my seedlings are safe.  I'll wait until after Easter to plant them.  But back to the alpaca farm.  Poor Job - he was one of the first ones to get sheared.  He wasn't thrilled with it, but he hardly made a sound.  His undercoat was beautiful.  Hopefully next year, everything will work out for him and he'll grow bigger and his coat won't break.  He had a stressful early life, and it's hindered his development.  Fortunately, he's loved a LOT (as are all their alpacas - they are treated VERY well) and another year of extra special care and he should be back on track.  He got a blanket after shearing, since it was cold and wet and rainy that day.  But I got birthday yarn!  It's a lovely alpaca/corriedale blend, and I can't wait to dye it and make something from it.  Oh, and I got something else for my birthday:

my very own CPW!  For those of you unfamiliar with that, it's a Canadian Production Wheel.  The yellow color is one indication, as is the tilt tension.  I'm waiting on her to be delivered (she's at my in-laws now) and she needs a little TLC to get her up and running, but we got her.  She's in good shape - most of the parts are original, with the exception of the bearings and that unusual peg.

No one seems to know what it's for.  It just sits there, in a hole.  This is a new peg - if you remove it, you can clearly see that it's a new piece that's been painted to match and someone just stuck it in there.  I've asked around, and no one seems to know what it's for.  It could have been for a bobbin to ply, it could have been for some form of distaff.  It could be there just to make you ask questions. I find that in old things like this, usually the simplest explanation is best.  I'm going to keep digging until I can find something out, and work with it.  Until then, it's not necessary to spin on it, so it can stay.  How was your weekend?  Oh, and did I mention it was COLD?  Like so cold it was FLURRYING last night!  Brrrr!  Stay warm!

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Jolie said...

Love your Daisy Wrap! Good crochet!
I am so glad to see another old wheel coming into your home. I know it will be used and well-loved and cherished.
You mention cold & flurries. I am in Pennsylvania right now. I forgot to check the weather forecast other than to pack properly for temperature. It was snowing all the way up the Shenandoah Valley! Beautiful to look at; not beautiful to drive in. I had to ask the nice hotel desk clerk in Roanoke if she had a scraper or broom so I could knock the snow off my car.