Thursday, March 21, 2013

And again, I'm behind.

I have no pictures, but the Daisy Wrap is close to being done.  I'm finishing up the last repeat, and then I have the edging to go.  I just have to figure out how to block it and photograph it, before turning it over to The Whole Nine Yarns.  It looks kind of like this:

It's just more wrinkled and a little darker.  I think they did this one in the light grey of Metalico; mine's in the platinum color (a darker grey).

I'm also working on a doll for Princess.  It's from Doohikey Designs.  I tried to sew the doll on my machine, and that didn't work so well.  So, I'm planning on hand sewing the doll.  The dresses will find their way to my machine, I'm sure, but the doll is so many curves, I think hand sewing will be easier.

Starting a new job really wears you out, especially when pollen season starts early.  I've been exhausted and although I've been working hard on the wrap to get it done before Stitches, I'm tired.  I think it's about bedtime.

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