Friday, March 08, 2013

In case of emergency, buy glass.

This has been a crazy week.  I've been working some overtime, and found a huge mistake close to the beginning of my Daisy Wrap.  Here I was, chugging along on the second repeat of the pattern (there's 5) and I started working on row 4.  As I looked at the chart (sometimes WAY more helpful than the written pattern, I'm finding out), I realized that back on the first repeat, I didn't make a treble CLUSTER - just a treble stitch.  For those knitters-who-wouldn't-crochet-if-their-lives-depended-on-it or those-who-just-can't-get-the-hang-of-it, that's a really tall stitch, and in a cluster, there's supposed to be more than one.  So, I ripped back.  It got seriously frogged, back down to row 4.  It was slightly depressing.  But, I'm happily moving along, when I have the brain power to work on it, which is usually a little bit in the mornings and at lunch, and occasionally at night.  I'm hoping to catch it up on the weekend.

I've been trying to find small crafty things to do though, ones that don't take much time and can make me feel good.  Call them instant gratification candy of the craft world.  One thing I'm working on is a simple floral bouquet in a glass vase.  I know - not that exciting.  But you know what?  It will give me something pretty to look at on my desk.  I have tons of plans for things, but when you work late, it's hard to fulfill any of those plans.  I'm hoping that the late nights will end soon, and I can pick up a few more projects to complete (not start, just complete) and share with you.  So, when all else fails, break down, buy some silk flowers, a glass vase, and some rocks, and make a nice centerpiece.  Your inner craft person will thank you.

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