Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Crafty Weekend, not exactly as planned

I had great intentions this weekend - don't we all?!  I had hoped to make huge progress on my wrap, get a couple of things sewn up, and possibly even attempt a little painting.  I didn't get it all done, but I did make baby steps.

Pardon the messy table - that's what happens when you paint and Modge Podge.  My lovely SIL and brother sent some cutouts that I requested for Little Man's room.  I then painted canvas boards and created one-of-a-kind artwork for his walls that will match his new decor.  In case you can't tell, it's actually a pirate theme, but all kinds of water/marine stuff works too.  He also has a black pirate ship that I found cheap (about $10) that will go in his room, and my MIL is painting him an oar to hang up.  Once the quilt is complete, the walls painted, and the room arranged, it's going to look awesome.  He may be 13 before it's all done, but it will be awesome.  I hope it won't really take that long, but you never know.

I couldn't do something for one, without doing something for the other.  I cut out a doll for Princess.  This doll is from Doohikey Designs; she comes with 3 outfits and a headband.  There are extra flowers for the owner, so they can match.  It was simple enough to cut out - I hope I can handle all the curves!  I know I'll have to take it slow.

In other craftiness, I am back up to where I had to rip out the Daisy Wrap, and I'm trying to make progress on it.  Of course, I was doing fairly good, and then I sat down to blog.  I'm now off to try and get one row done before I have to get ready for work...that always slows crafting down, don't you think? :)  Enjoy your day, and may it be a crafty one!

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