Monday, February 20, 2012


I have been bitten by the creative bug. There is something about the first of the year and all it's promises that make me want to get crafty. I've picked up a few new crochet patterns, and started on an old one. I started on the Bella Dress from Interweave Crochet. It's a beautiful little dress, with a fabric lining. I just cleared off my kitchen table to set up my sewing machine. I've been checking out Whipstitch online, and reading Deborah's blog. I've been interested in sewing for a long time, especially since my mother sewed all the time while I was growing up, but never had the nerve/knack for it. Whipstitch offers sewing classes, both at their store in downtown/Midtown Atlanta as well as online. This of course, has piqued my interest. So, I bought some fabric to line the dress, and hopefully I won't make a wreck of it. If so, I always have my mother to fall back on. :) I would like to sew, and in clearing off the kitchen table, now I can set up my sewing machine, leave it (we don't eat on this little round table - it's not ideal, but the setting is because of the light available), and hopefully practice. I also finally broke down and bought Stitch by Stitch, Deborah's book. The shop was wonderful - even my mother was impressed. They have mostly quilting fabrics (read: 100% cotton, must be ironed if used for clothing) but the shop is spacious and airy with good light. What they do have isn't crammed onto shelves and stacked on top of each other so you can't find anything. It was thoughtfully laid out and nicely put together. There is even a table set up for classes! I highly recommend the shop, even if all you're looking for is a lining for a dress or a purse. At this early in the morning, I still have to get ready for work, so I'm off!

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