Sunday, February 05, 2012


I have been so tired this weekend - mainly due to Thursday night. Hubby and I went to a concert at the Tabernacle in downtown Atlanta. For those of you who haven't been, the Tabernacle is a converted church (yes, stained glass and all) that is now a concert venue. The acoustics are fantastic - when it's loud, it's really loud. There's even a crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling. So, the concert had three bands who played, and one member of the headlining band wears a hat. It's a cool knitted hat, like a watch cap with a small brim that he puts in the back. It has a cabled pattern, and I told him I liked it. He shook his head - he misunderstood. He thought I wanted it. Please - I'm a knitter. If I want it, I'll MAKE one. Don't get me wrong - it would ROCK to get this hat. This hat graces the head of Rob Caggiano, who is a phenomenal guitar player (and doesn't look half bad either, I have to admit). We usually get a guitar pick from a band when we go to a concert, so you can imagine that getting a hat would be unusually cool. Instead, we got a picture:
We were lucky enough to park right beside the tour buses and found Chuck Billy, the singer for Testament (one of the bands we saw) signing autographs, taking pictures with fans, and being a generally nice guy. These guys don't have "Rock Star" attitudes - they know without their fans, they wouldn't have a job.

So, back to the hat. This guy seriously needs a new hat. I noticed he kept having to push it up during the show. It kept slipping. That tells me it's too big. He needs a hat that fits. So, fan to the rescue. The one he was wearing was a cabled pattern; I've seen him wear one with a simpler diamond pattern as well. I guess he likes the small brim on it - I think both the hats I've seen him wear had them. It might be what he finds. In any case, there's a design brewing. I think it is actually too tall for him, and thus falls while playing. I'm sure that's annoying - imagine playing guitar and every time you look up at the audience, all you see is black wool. That would not be happy.

Friday required working late; Saturday required more working, pictures with Princess, birthday party with Little Man, and a little more work. Today was church and a pseudo-nap, and I'm tired. Maybe I can catch up on sleep and knitting this week.

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