Monday, November 19, 2007

Sick Baby

I was home all weekend, with a sick baby. I did get one more square done for the Baby I.Q. Afghan for a friend who's due December 1st, but decided to be induced November 26th. She completely messed up my I havea week less to finish it. :) No'll be done in time. If it's not done when she actually delivers, I'll run it by their house soon after she's home. I'm thinking maybe stopping by and delivering dinner too would be nice. One night when neither she or her husband have to worry about what's for dinner and taking care of 3 little ones. I love my crock pot...and left overs. It's amazing what you can do with some leftovers and a little ingenuity. I might get some more done on the afghan today if I can keep my eyes open. Little man wouldn't sleep soundly last night until I held him for a couple of hours. That means Mommy is sleepy today.

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