Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Overwhelmed with projects

Ever cast on so many projects and then get completely overwhelmed? Here's a list of what's currently in progress:

Baby I.Q. Afghan (2 of them actually, although one for a gift)
Christmas project #1 (surprise gift...shhhh!)
Black Diamond Socks
Blue baby blanket (Sedge Stitch afghan)
Starbucks bird

Some of these should be done by December, and others just need to be done by Christmas. I'm still working on the design of the Starbucks bird in's those increases that are killing me. Mathematically, on paper, they work. It's in the actual fabric that you can't have it look decent with that many increases in one row. Is there some formula as to how many stitches to increase over how many rows so it looks normal and not like a freak of knitting? Perhaps that questions isn't coherent. I know what I'm trying to's just not coming out right.

I've been listening to Lime and Violet the past couple of days. I love the world of podcasts. It makes me feel like there are close friends near me when I'm at work.

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