Thursday, November 08, 2007

Finally...decisions made and organizing beginning

I've been thinking about storing patterns recently. A friend of mine, who's going through the nesting phase of her third pregnancy, came over and started going through my patterns. She couldn't nest in her own home (due to there's nothing really to nest...she cleaned out everything back in January) so she started on mine. No worries. Her suggestion was to put all my patterns in page protectors and store them in binders. Good idea...with one minor problem. I have over 400 patterns, just on my computer alone. Added in to the ones from yarn labels, and others I never stored on my computer, and we're probably talking about a good 1,000 patterns, and that's probably just knit and crochet patterns! That doesn't even include the gazillion cross-stitch, few beadwork and tatting patterns I have as well. At $12 per box of 100 page protectors, that gets to be a mighty expensive storage solution. While some people might have a money tree in their backyard, I don't. So, we're going for a cheaper option. Here's the plan: I have a nice-sized file cabinet. I have file folders. The patterns are going to be categorized (sweaters, scarves, hats, stoles, etc.), put in file folders, and put in the file cabinet. I have plans to make sure all the craft patterns are downstairs in the craft room in the file cabinet, and all the financial files (tax returns, legal documents, etc) are upstairs in the desk. Those files will also require a copy in a fire box or safety deposit box of some sort. That will come in good time. I also managed last night to sort through some of said financial papers and get the trash gone (like envelopes, fliers, and those nasty little inserts they always manage to stick in there). Most everything went easily into some folders I had lying around, and a box of 100 file folders is cheaper and will go farther than the box of page protectors. Don't get me wrong...I love the page protectors. I'm planning on keeping a few of them around and storing the current WIP patterns in them, and putting those with all the yarn for the project (see how organized I can be?!). I did some of that last night as well. This weekend will prove to be interesting...I'm still half tempted to tell hubby to take Little Man and go visit his parents, and leave me at home to clean, organize, and do the grocery shopping. However, I don't think that will fly with him. So, in that case, I have lots to do between tonight and Monday. There's got to be a way to clone myself so I can be in two places at once.

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