Thursday, October 04, 2007


Well, I decided I don't like the new swatches...either of them. The first one is better. How crappy is that?! However, I did find an excellent resource for modifying patterns at Knitty. Here's the link. I love having the internet as a constant resource. This saves me tons of time and energy (the energy I'm sure I could burn; the time - not so much). It also saves me a lot of frustration. This means I can devote more time to doing the important things: work, playing with my baby, knitting, cooking, etc. Washing clothes and cleaning are way down on the list.

One thing that's not is getting the roof fixed. Apparently, it doesn't leak in a heavy rainstorm (we have several of these in Georgia), just a gentle one. We have two tracks of water that stream down one wall in the living room. This is distressing, mainly because the inspector didn't find anything really wrong with the roof (of course, he also didn't get up on the roof, just looked at it through binoculars, the lazy doof). Fortunately, we do have coverage from our home warranty on the roof, so hopefully it'll just be the price of a service call.

I'm hoping once I get all the schematics down for the Cromarty sweater, I can actually start knitting. I've never had to do this with crocheting before, mainly for 2 reasons: one, if I made something to wear, I could manipulate the stitches enough without the math to make it fit and two, I haven't made that many things to wear in either crochet or knit. That's all about to change. I hope all the math pays off. It's a good thing I was pretty good at math. Otherwise, this would all suck. I do however need to pay attention and run the numbers 3 times, preferably in different ways. I might even get someone else to run the numbers for me, just to make sure it's all working correctly.

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