Friday, December 29, 2006

Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad soon-to-be mom

I still haven't knit a single stitch for my son. I have 3 weeks, and nothing is knit. I am going to knit like the wind and finish a cardi and hat this weekend (I'm determined!) for a friend at work (that I'm STILL working on). Hopefully once that's done, the knitting will commence for Sebastian Alexander! I at least want to make some booties, a hat, and mitts for him. If I'm really good, and get a bunch of stuff done this weekend, I can spend my evenings knitting. I still haven't set up the nursery, and the car seat hasn't been installed either. Hubby is responsible for that this weekend. Here's the goals for this weekend: Friday night: finish the hat and cardi for the other baby; Saturday: clean and get nursery ready for the crib assembly; Sunday: start knitting like mad for my baby; Monday (no work for me!): more knitting and getting things ready for baby. The cardi's close to being done, and the hat shouldn't take me too much longer. I'm probably going to exhaust myself getting it all done, and then again, I might not. I know I can lay back in our recliner and knit and relax, and hopefully I can stay awake! I need another set of hands...or a clone!

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Julie said...

My daughter is fifteen months old and JUST got her first knit from me. Don't feel bad - those little goobers grow so fast, you can't keep up with them, knitting. I don't even try.

I tell myself I'll knit her all sorts of pretty stuff when she quits growing - in about eighteen years.