Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Almost but not quite

I ALMOST got that cardi done. I have about an inch left on the last sleeve. The hat's still not complete. So much for my plans over New Year's. I think I can finish the cardigan tonight, and then it's on to the hat. Providing nothing major happens to interrupt my plans, hopefully next week I'll be done with both. As for my little one, he's still waiting for mom to make him something. He's patient as well, even though he's got 2 weeks from tomorrow until he's supposed to show his sweet face, he's still turned the wrong way I think.

Sleep has also been illusive this week, and I think a lot of it is worry. Let's face it, delivery is a worrisome thing. I'm anxious about it, and possible complications. There's a lot that can happen between now and then, some good and some bad. I try to keep my mind off it and relax, but that's not always a possibility. I'm trying to take advantage of the last few nights of good rest I'll get before having to get up at 2, but it's not working. Maybe tonight will be a little different if I don't rest before getting ready for bed, so that when I do get ready for bed, my body and mind can slow down. Eh, we'll see how it works out.

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