Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Small update and big rant

There hasn't been much knitting going on, since I've been working on the baby's room. Of course, there hasn't been much progress on that either.

I did finally finish the Pea Pod set, but I didn't take pictures before it got horribly cold and I gave the sweater and hat to the mom. She promised pictures, but the hat was too small. I have to remake the hat in the larger size (I should have done that to begin with) and then hopefully pictures will ensue.

I'm almost done with the second sweater for the wee one. It will hopefully be done before Christmas, along with the booties.

I have had 2 showers now, and received a ton of clothes (I know they're cute, but we registered for a reason!) and one set of clothes was actually handmade. I thought I would be more overjoyed at getting a set of handknitted clothes for my baby, but I wasn't that thrilled. I guess because the woman who gave them to me didn't make them, so I don't feel like they're all that special. Don't get me wrong...I know that a woman made them by hand and sold them, but I guess it's the selling that's giving me problems here. If it had come from a fellow knitter, as a gift that they themselves had made, I would like to think I'd feel differently. It's like when my mom makes an article of clothing for me instead of buying it. I always look on that one item as more treasured because of her time. She could have had someone else make it, but it wouldn't be the same. That's how I feel now. I wish another knitter would make me something for my baby, because it would be a gratitude that cannot be expressed. I've had some people give me handmade things, and I love every second of them. My socks from my secret sock pal, for example...I love those socks. I am very careful with them, but LOVE wearing them. I know they were made just for me, and no one purchased them pre-made.

I wish more people would make gifts for Christmas. I try to keep lots of things for Christmas simple, by making gifts where I can, and doing old-fashioned stockings. We get fruit, nuts, cookies and peppermints in these stockings. It's meant as a reminder that there are more important things than consumerism and commercialism, and we should be thankful for the simple things in life. Family should always be more important than what the stores have, and for the past several years, we stress quality over quantity in our house. Most years we don't have a lot to spend, so all gifts must be thoughtful. I'm going to try and do a pair of socks each month for family next year, and then everyone gets handmade socks for Christmas. If we don't have anything else to give them, at least their feet will be warm, and hopefully their hearts as well.


Nana said...

Beautifully said! I made hats and scarves and socks for all our kids and grandkids this year. They aren't a lot, nor fancy, definitely not a high expense thing, but the recipients know there's a kiss in every stitch.

Anonymous said...

Showers are an occasion for people to give gifts, not an opportunity for the showeree to have her shopping list completed.