Thursday, November 16, 2006

Knitting on the Horizon

I haven't had time this week to knit! Can you believe it?! Monday I went to bed as soon as I could, around 8. Tuesday, a friend was supposed to come over to talk about the baby shower, but that didn't happen. While I waited for her, I cleaned up a little around the apartment. Last night, I fixed dinner and went to the store. Then I collapsed in bed around 10. Maybe tonight and this weekend I can get in some knitting time. I have lots to work on. There's another baby sweater, a hat, some booties, and my KTC project. Not to mention the other baby sweater I was going to make out of the CottonTots. I'm still not really happy with it, so I think it's going to get ripped out until I can decide what to really do with it. This weekend, we're heading out of town, and I'm hoping that I'll get some good knitting time in. There's not a whole lot to do in a suburb of Birmingham, so other than a trip to Wal-Mart, I think I'll be stuck watching movies and knitting inside, and trying to avoid the cat. Long story short, the cat's not too fond of people to start with (which means he's not friendly) and I'm allergic. It isn't a bad combination usually, but with the pregnancy, there's no telling what will happen. However, it can't be all that much worse than what's going on at work. They've started renovating our building, so dust, mold and all sorts of crap are floating in the air. I take advantage of lunch to get out and clear my lungs.

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