Friday, November 04, 2016

Moving along slowly

I really want to spend my time doing nothing but crafts.  Unfortunately, my little ones are not yet self-sufficient for me to spend as much time as I would like doing that.  And that's okay, because these days will fly by all too quickly.  I started on the front of Little Man's sweater, and I think I am getting the hang of the intarsia.  I lock the grey yarn around the blue yarn one stitch on either side of the design.  It seems to be working to keep holes from showing up.  It also helps keep the yarn loose enough that it doesn't pull.

The socks are also coming along well.  I have finished the leg and heel flap of the first sock, have turned the heel, and am now decreasing the gusset.  I also tried them on my sock sizer, and they fit well too.  I think he was a bit jealous, as he asked if they were for him.  Little does he know that I have some yarn waiting in the wings for him for Christmas.

I am also trying to look forward and prepare for this month a little along.  I have some things happening at church this month, and next, and am trying to plan things out so everything gets done with plenty of time.  The only thing I am behind on is food at the moment.  I had hoped to get some baking done before now for the 13th, and only have one thing done.  I still have more time to finish up, but I don't want to be in a hurry.

Sorry for the lack of pictures today.  The past week has been horribly busy, which has made me horribly tired, and sometimes I can't get it all together.  Next time I promise!

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