Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Updates from the grey skies

I just logged in to Ravelry, and found some improvements they have made on friends' projects.  It made me realize how terrible I am about updating my own project pages.  I update things here from time to time, but hardly ever update Ravelry.  I should, as it would be a help to others.  I use it regularly for new projects, or for looking up projects that I'm curious about.  I should update my own project pages to be the help to others that I so frequently look for myself.  I guess I'm just lazy, and rarely take the time to do it.  I am also horribly embarrassed by my pictures.  I can see the shot; I just can't always take it.  I also don't take pictures often enough.  For example, I was working on Common Bean, and finished it - bound off and everything.  Then when I started to stretch it out, I realized it was too small.  So I frogged the whole thing.  I looked and saw I had used the wrong size needle - I used a 6mm, when it called for an 8mm.  My solution, as I couldn't find my 8mm, was to use a 9mm.  I jumped from a size US 10 to a 13.  I probably should have used an 11, but I couldn't find it, I didn't want to go buy one, and I knew I had extra yarn.

It's now almost done, but I am behind.  I had tried to finish it by the 15th, so I would have one Christmas project done and ready, but I still have a few rows left and need to get finished with it.  There are a ton of other things that I need to do as well.  I have some items that I think I'm going to put up on Etsy, so look for that coming soon.  A friend has a light box, and he agreed to let me use his to photograph my stuff.  I just have to get a bunch of things done so I can take pictures.  That will be next week, and hopefully I can open my Etsy shop just in time for the holidays!

What are your plans for the holidays?  Anything exciting going on?

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