Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Getting Distracted

I keep getting distracted.  Although, part of it is not really my fault.  My sewing machine decided to become schizophrenic the other day, and I had to get new thread.  I am not sure if this will solve the problem.  I have also to replace the light bulb because it has taken it upon itself to go out when I sew, rather than stay on.   However, I can't find a light bulb locally to replace the current one, which means ordering it.  So, instead of working on my sewing projects (and for some reason they continue to accumulate), I have switched to knitting.  I have actually scaled back this year on things that I'm making for Christmas, or at least I think I have.  Here's my current list:

1. My brother's socks.  He always wants socks for Christmas, of the handknit variety.  He wears them and loves them, and I happily comply with the request.  This year, he really wants Wraptor.

These are incredibly unusual socks, and will take longer than normal to knit them because of their unusual construction.  I have only made a gauge swatch for these (really, she suggests it because of the unusual nature of the construction.  If it weren't for that, I really wouldn't do a swatch.)

2. Common Bean for my Sister-in-law.  I actually found the yarn, and then the pattern for this one.  I'm about halfway done with it, I think, and I hope to finish it up this week.  Then I can honestly say I have one gift done.

3. The quilt for the 'rents.  This one is tricky, because every time I think I'm about to get started good on it, something happens.  Like my tension going wonky.  But not consistently.

I did finish cutting the squares, and I'm now ready to sew them up.

4.  Socks for hubby.  I haven't chosen a pattern yet, but I did already pick out the yarn - it's a superwash wool in a worsted weight.  I think I may do Rye, but since I haven't cast on yet, it's still up for negotiation.

And then I sit here and color for a good 20 minutes.  I got one of those adult coloring books (adult meaning grown up, not X-rated in subject matter) and I borrowed a set of colored pencils from one of the kiddos and I colored.  And it wasn't even a lot, but the amount of detail is immense, so in order for it to look like an adult colored it and it wasn't scribbled, it takes time.  How about you?  What are you making for the holidays?

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