Saturday, September 19, 2015

I found my camera.

Yay!  And, lo and behold, I am using it.

Here is my finished Over the Sea to Skye.  I don't know that it is as deep as I would really like it, but it's really pretty.  I did modify the pattern a bit, since the yarn I used was thinner than what the pattern called for.  I did another repeat of the lace mesh section, a garter section, and then half of a lace pattern and half of another garter section,  Then I did the bind off, without the eyelet row.

Here's an up close view of the top where I made the modifications.  The pictures make it look very bright - it's really not.  It's darker than what it appears.

I am still not finished with the birthday sweater for Princess.  I'm kind of stuck at the moment.  I decided I didn't like the pattern in pieces, so I went for an in-the-round approach.  It was also too big for her, so I had to downsize it.  It's based on the pattern Teagan, from Rowan.  It's a perfectly lovely pattern.  I just don't like to seam, so I did the body and the sleeves in the round.  I am also joining them in the round, and I'm about halfway up the shoulder.  It's a matter of the neckline and sleeve caps at the same time.  The original has set-in sleeves, and I'm still trying to recreate that.  I don't know if I'll make it or not, but as long as it fits, it will be fine.  I still have the pockets on the front to do as well.  I had thought about double knitting them, but that was a bit much at the time.

This is Baker Street from Knitty.  It's for my wonderful brother, who sent me the yarn.  He wants it before the weather turns too cold.  He's moving back to Atlanta from New Orleans this year, so he should actually get a real winter.  NOLA is nice to visit, but after you've lived there for a while, sometimes it's nice to move back home.  He gets the mountains instead of the ocean, and a different kind of crazy people.  :) There are crazy people all over - we're just a little different.  I should have this one done in a couple of weeks, by the time the cold weather sets in.  So, what cold weather projects are you working on?  Are you ready for fall and winter?

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