Friday, January 02, 2015


It is hard to imagine, but I am already exhausted this year.  Everyone but me is now sick, and I have had to nurse everyone back to health.  But, I have two items to show you.  First:

This is my bullet journal.  You can find out more about them on Pinterest, or by going to  Second:

Here is my progress on Little Man's Lancelot.  I am on the second skein, and need to have him try it on, but poor baby is sick.  Trying on a sweater isn't in the cards at the moment, but hopefully soon.  I am usually not a fan of yellow, but I have to say I do not mind the gold.  It is Valley Yarns Berkshire in Gold, and I rathere like it.  How is your new year starting?

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Jolie said...

Ooo! Nice. This looks like a great project -- just enough interest and just enough style. I am wondering will Little Man have great taste in clothing when he is all grown up?