Wednesday, January 07, 2015

A Sleeve is Born

I would have updated yesterday, but I forgot and I was tired.  Here is the first sleeve for Little Man's sweater.  It is whizzing right along.  This pattern is fantastic and if there are little ones in your life, I highly recommend it.

I learned some interesting news at work today - it looks as though a lot of what I do may soon be obsolete.  This really does not bother me, as I have been hoping for a way to leave soon, but the job market is not as resilient as the news reports.  Again, it does not upset me, but it is an odd feeling.  Much like watching a building fall or a car crash, knowing what will happen, yet powerless to stop it.  I am bemused.  This will open a new door for me, and allow me to start a new chapter.  I have always looked forward to change, and now is no exception.  It will be life altering in a new way, especially with the children along for the ride.  I know it will be soon, but exactly how soon I cannot tell.  Any news fromedia where you are?

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