Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Most of you know that I stick mainly to craft-related posts, but I feel the need to write something unrelated this morning.  In light of events that transpired on Friday, I know I cannot say any words that others have not put more eloquently, heal hearts more rapidly, or change anyone's perspective.  However, Friday morning's events weigh heavily on my mind and heart, and here is the best place to release.  This is not about gun control becoming more strict or less strict, or mental illness awareness.  Those are debates for another time and another place, and ones that I would rather have face-to-face than here.  Those are opinions, and everyone is entitled to them, and everyone is entitled to express them.  Again, that is not something I am moved to express at this time.

As a wife, a mother, a sibling, a friend, I cannot pretend to know the grief those in Newtown, Connecticut must be feeling, nor do I honestly want to imagine it.  I know I have experienced loss, and even the loss of a child, but it does not compare to their experience.  This atrocity affects everyone around the world, not because of its geographic location, but for two main reasons.  First and foremost, it attacks our sense of mortality and humanity.  It brings home the reminder that we all perish, and we do not know when.  Secondly, it was an attack, a blatant evil attack, on innocent lives.  This was pure evil attacking pure innocence. That disturbs even the most unshakable.  I grief as a mother, for those who lost their children.  This hits me hardest.  To have your child ripped away in such an unceremonious manner is a burden not many can bear.  The thought that there are Christmas presents that will not be opened in a few days' time, that Christmas pageants will have missing characters, that parents were robbed of the chance to hold their children once more and say "I love you" tears at my heart.  I hope that you, as I do now, am reminded that life is short, and to hug a little tighter, kiss one more time, hold a little longer, and whisper "I love you" a little more often in coming days.

All that said, my thoughts are turned to another Parent who watched His Child die.  He also sent His Son off one morning, and was separated from Him as well.  God sent His Only Child to earth, to live in this mortal coil, and to one day perish.  I am sure that Mary also felt a bittersweet moment when she first held her baby boy.  To love Him so deeply that you feel as though your heart would break from all the love, and to know that you must give Him up to the hands of evil and cruel men one day.  I know that feeling as well (without the cruelty) - but her firstborn was something extra special.  Let us remember God suffered a deep loss, that we might gain.  It does not answer any of our questions, the "why" or the "how,"  but there is One who knows more than we could ever hope to learn.  It does not stop the parent or friend from grieving for their loss.  Grieving is what we should do.  I also pray that God, in His infinite mercy, wisdom, love and justice, is holding all 20 of those children in His arms, cradling them.  And just as He has gathered those children together, He has looked into the face of that evil destroyer, and said "depart from me; I never knew you."  I also pray for all you, that you may remember lessons forgotten, memories buried, and turn to Christ this Christmas season.

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