Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rearranging and the Great Cookie Bake-off, part 1

I've been crafting a LOT, which is why I've been quiet around here.  I have 3 more Christmas gifts to knit, and then I'm still working on the 2 quilts for the kiddos.  In the meantime, here's all but two of the finished gifts:

Little Red Riding Cowl (in pink) for my grandmother

 Malabrigo Rasta Chunky Cowl (seed stitch) in Ravelry for my mom

Malabrigo Rasta Chunky Cowl (for some reason I can't find the pattern I used) for my MIL 

Catherine Cowl for my dad

Surprisingly, Little Man took these pictures for me.  Not too bad, given it's his first time behind a camera.  Here's a fairly decent picture of Skelf as well:

It's not my preferred picture, but I have to say, he did a good job.  I have also finished another Mallory cowl for my husband's aunt, and I just cast off socks for Hubby.  I have 2 more pairs of socks (DK weight, so fast knitting) and a scarf to do.  There are 26 (almost 25) days until Christmas.

Now about those cookies...I'm going to throw together a spreadsheet listing out the differences in the ingredients, because I'm that kind of baking nerd and I live in Excel.  It won't be hard to do - just toss all the standard ingredients up and put the measurements underneath.  Then, time to compare with each taste of cookie.  It's amazing what taking the same ingredients and changing the ratios slightly can do.  We finally baked what was left of all 6 previous cookie doughs, and baked the big one as well, so we have 7 different types of chocolate chip cookies.  No, seriously.  We have 7 different kinds of chocolate chip cookies - and I had to STOP myself at 7.  There are probably THOUSANDS of chocolate chip cookie recipes out there, and I limited myself to only 7.  BTW, thanks to all the ladies in the Luvinthemommyhood group on Ravelry for passing their favorites along to me.  As we've tasted the cookies each week, Little Man has rated every one a "10".  Let's face it, he's a kid who loves chocolate chip cookies, so it's not like he's really picky.  There were a few he wasn't a fan of, probably because they weren't baked so well (sometimes I got them a little overdone).  But, they are all good.  No lie, really.  Trust me, I tasted each one with him.  And then some.  *grins*  Once I have that spreadsheet done, I'll post links to all the recipes, and even post the spreadsheet, so you can see the comparison.  It should prove rather interesting.  Oh, and here's a picture of the first of the quilt blocks for Princess's quilt:

A lot of them look similar, but each one is unique.  I'm still figuring all this quilting stuff out, and I'm working with all I've got.  We've talked about rearranging some furniture, so that maybe, just maybe, I could eventually get my grandmother's old Singer sewing machine (from the 1940's or 1950's) out of storage and start sewing on it.  That's the machine my mother learned to sew on, and made all kinds of dresses, pants, formals, and anything and everything else she made before she was married.  It's a basic machine, not a lot of bells and whistles, but I like that.  I don't need 250+ embroidery stitches.  I just need a machine that won't un-thread itself every 20 inches or so.  I'm still working on making good, solid, straight seams and not sewing too fast to ensure that the seams are straight.  Let's hope that rearranging will work.

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