Friday, November 09, 2012


I’m terribly behind in blogging.  I know.  I keep meaning to post something, and either forget, or don’t have time.  And sometimes, to be honest, I choose not to.  I choose to knit instead.  So shoot me.  But, here are some interesting pictures for you.

This one is my Cloudy Day.

There used to be more, but I lost track and stitches came out, and I wasn’t thrilled with the bobbles, so I ripped back to the brim, and started again.  It takes a lot of concentration, since every row is patterned. 

This is the beginnings of Gemini. 

It’s much farther along now.

The lace pattern was actually pretty easy, and if I hadn’t screwed up somewhere, I wouldn’t have had to rip back to the end of the lace pattern and start all the increases again.  That cost me about 3 days.  But, I still might get it done by Thanksgiving.

This is the Catherine Cowl. 

It’s done now, but needs to be blocked.  It’s out of Royal Alpaca from Blue Sky Alpaca.  Isn’t it lovely?  The yarn is soft and yummy – it makes you want to cuddle it. 


This is leftover stash yarn from a shawlette, and it’s getting made into cup cozies for Christmas.  Should I get a prize for alliteration?  Christmas Cup Cozies Can Cajole Candice.  There.  I have no idea who Candice is, or why she needs cajoling, but there you have it.  My stab at alliteration. 

I’d like to get a sweater done for me each month between now and Christmas.  I got my Skelf done for Halloween, and I’d love to have Gemini done for Thanksgiving.  I’d then adore completing my Owls sweater for Christmas.  I guess I should mention that the rest of my yarn for that one finally came in, and I will purchase the pattern this weekend, along with one for the kiddos. 

Have you decided on any projects for Christmas?  I did, and I already started knitting!  I actually have 4 gifts already completed: two chunky cowls, a Little Red Riding Cowl in pink, and the Catherine Cowl.  The rest of it will be the cup cozies, a scarf (maybe), the sweaters for the kiddos (maybe), another Little Red Riding Cowl in blue, and socks for Hubby (maybe).  It depends on how much I can cram in.  I may need to rethink the sweaters for the kiddos, and put them aside until later.  They may be belated Christmas gifts.  One might turn into a birthday gift, since Little Man’s birthday is in January.  Just so you know, there are 46 days left until Christmas.  Use your time wisely!

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