Sunday, October 21, 2012


1. I want to dye my hair pink. Like shocking pink. But I think work might complain.

2. I am having this undying urge to start something new, and yet I resist.

3. I have several WIPs that I’m trying to get through, and I am surprisingly strong at resisting the urge to cast on another project.

4. This is an odd feeling for me, as I usually cast on like crazy and have multiple projects going on at once.

5. I am also in the baking mode – as in bake everything I have and could possibly ever want to eat.

6. This is not so unusual, as I usually get this way in the fall.

7. I’m incredibly tired and horribly out of shape (yet again).

8. This is mostly due to work, and I know that, and plan on starting soon to get back in shape.

9. I have an unending list of things to do, and feel like I can never make progress on them – ever feel that way?

10. I totally stole this idea from the Yarn Harlot, but I think she’ll forgive me.

11. We’re cool like that.

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YakiraKnits said...

Shocking pink hair is awesome! But staying employed is better. Yesterday I Baked All The Things but my kitchen was too messy for pictures. I had cast-on-itis last week, now I'm paying for it. Ah well.