Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Keeping up

I have so much going on - where to start.  So I had to rip back on Skelf, and it's back to about here:

It's a little farther along than this one, but I did rip back to row 8 on the tree.  I also started on yet another Christmas gift - only 83 days left until Christmas! I know, I'm insane for even keeping track, but every year I feel like it sneaks up on me, and it's here before I know it.  So this year, I'm trying to keep track of it and work on Christmas a little each day.  I'm also working on Halloween early (already planned out my costume, which is rare because I hardly ever dress up since I'm the one at our house passing out candy while Hubby takes Little Man and this year Princess around) and Thanksgiving won't be a thrown together event either if all goes as planned.

We're on some austerity measures around here, which actually works out well for me.  I have TONS of stuff to work on already; I just need to work on it.  Not spending means not going anywhere and that means time to work on stuff.  We have a massive deep cleaning spree to take on, and staying at home helps.

In other news, we're homeschooling, and science is great.  We decided to start baking our way through science, and a little bit of math.  Fractions can be taught with baking, and science is fun when you get to eat your experiments.  This was actually week 2; week 1 resulted in this:

I chose 6 chocolate chip cookie recipes.  This was #1 and the results were good.  Little Man voted it a 10 out of 10.  I take that with a grain of salt, as it was the first batch we made.  We just made the second batch tonight, and we used a different recipe.  I'll post more about these later, as we do them. For now, we're just enjoying the end result.

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