Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rainy days and Mondays...

always get me down. But not for long!

This past weekend, I whipped up the Fireside Capelet from Francine Toukou. I'm now currently working on the Little Red Riding Hood. They go SOOO fast. I love crochet; I'm still not done with the Bella Dress though. That one takes some thought and counting. It's not bad, but while school's in session, I need something fast and basic. This is TV crocheting kind of a time. Or TV knitting. But I'm in a crochet kind of mood, or to re-write Billy Joel, "I'm in a Crochet state of mind." I know - cheesy. The Fireside Capelet went fast, as did the flower accent. All I have to do now is add a pin to the back. I'm going to make another one and add it to a hair clip. Those flowers rock. It takes all of about 30 minutes to make the first one, and the more you make, the less time each one takes. It's terrific.

I'm in a crafty mood, even though I'm overloaded. I'm hoping to have big news by the end of next month. If all goes well, there will be some big announcements and changes. Keep your fingers crossed!

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