Thursday, January 26, 2012


My project list just keeps growing. As soon as I get one thing off, or almost off, something else climbs on to take its place. I am hoping to finish sock#2 for the barter project, and then make the blue V-neck sweater for Little Man and finish Princess' cardigan. However, today, a new project jumped on my list. I'm not complaining - I like new stuff. It's just that I'd hope to see the list shrink a little, and then I can add my stuff to it.

I want to make Cloudy Day and Kiama for me. I also have the Bella dress to make. Then there's another sheep to make, and a couple more sweaters for the kids. Honestly, I'd love to get the sock, blue sweater, and cardigan done before the next cold snap in February (we usually have one of those about mid-February where it gets REALLY cold) and it would be nice to have some hand-knit love for the kids to wrap around themselves.

In reality, I don't know that I'll make that deadline. However, I do have a major deadline looming - the last 2 classes for my MBA will begin March 5th. I do think I can get them made by then. After that, the following seven weeks will be miserable, but I think most the major deadlines for school will miss the major deadlines for work. Which works out nicely. But it's going to be rough, since I'll be taking 2 classes at the same time. This has never been tried before (by me) and I am a little worried that I'm going to feel overwhelmed and like I'm sinking into the Pit of Despair. Fortunately for me, "the Machine" won't suck away more than one year of my life (name that movie - although, let's face it, I made it pretty easy) since the Prince shouldn't come down and set it to 50. With my luck, it is possible though. Prince Humperdink randomly shows up and moves things on my desk, so setting the machine to 50 wouldn't be completely out of the question. It's either him or a gremlin/goblin/mischievous elf. Maybe a desk troll would help that. Or some counter-spell. Or maybe I should just rake everything off into the trashcan and start fresh. Oh well. That choice is for another day. Today, I'm just going to work on sock #2.

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