Monday, January 16, 2012

Getting better

After suffering from a sinus infection, I am finally feeling a little better. This, just when I have a party for an almost 5 year old, is not a great plan. Timing is not a consideration for illnesses. In the meantime, I have finished one project this year already, and as soon as I can get the tripod and camera set up, I'll post pictures, provided I have permission. It's a test-knit pattern, and one that hasn't been released yet. So, I am moving on to project number 2 for 2012.

I am currently working on basic socks. The funny thing is, no matter what pattern I look at, nothing ever uses what I use to make a basic sock. So, once these are done, I plan on posting what I do for a basic sock. I've seen all kinds of "basic sock" patterns on Ravelry, and none of them use the same gauge as I do. It's odd - you'd think with so many sock patterns out there, there would be one that I could go back to time and time again. There's not. I always have to make it up as I go along. So, I'm going to write it down, and post it here. Then it will be here for all eternity. Well, maybe not eternity, but at least until the aliens come down and destroy the plant and suck all the energy out of it. :) Just kidding - the aliens won't come here; there's no intelligent life. :) Just kidding again.

Project number 3 and 4 are sweaters for the kiddos. Little Man has asked for two. One will be a plain blue V-neck sweater; again, one I have to create, since there are no actual patterns like what I'm working on. The second is actually a Pirate Sweater, and I'll have to get the yarn for that. I'm going to have to increase the size, because the pattern only goes up to a 3-4T. Unfortunately, although he's not the biggest kid in the class, he's bigger than that. So, more math. The sweater for Princess is one that I can follow a pattern for. It's the Playful Stripes sweater from Never Not Knitting. She has terrific patterns. I also want to make the Yoked Cardigan for myself and Princess. This one is by Hannah Fettig, and it will also actually be worked from the pattern. Imagine that; me actually working from a pattern!

This year also holds lots of promises in designing. I am consistently having brainstorms (unfortunately, this usually happens while at work) about new designs. I hope to have time to working on them, even just in working out some math before actually knitting them. And, not all of them are knitted. I have several crochet designs floating around as well. It all just takes time. Fortunately, I keep an idea notebook around and write down whatever ideas come. I try to make them as detailed as possible so when I do get back to them, I remember the original idea and can try to recreate it in fabric. I'm also trying to organize my projects on Ravelry, along with my queue. It actually doesn't take long, just a few minutes here and there. Til next time, which probably won't be too long! Can you believe I've already posted 4 times this year? What does that tell you?! (Probably that I should be cleaning, but instead, I'm blogging!).

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