Thursday, January 11, 2007


I have a couple of pictures of the cardigan I finished, but I keep leaving the cord at home so I can't post them while at work. Perhaps I'll remember tomorrow and grab it before walking out the door, and I can post it then. The hat I have to reknit is still being knitted. I think I'm stuck in a knitting rut and can't get out. That, and I'm slightly concerned.

We went for an ultrasound yesterday for the position of the baby. He's in what they call a "footling posterior breech" position. Basically, he's feet first, facing forward. He's healthy, which is good, but let's face it "breech" is not a word a woman in her 9th month likes to hear...especially when she's a week from her due date. It's a little on the scary side. All sorts of visions run through your head of having a Cesarean or something dreadful happening to the baby (like brain damage from the cord being wrapped around his neck during delivery). It completely blows the whole nice image of having a normal vaginal birth. There's still no reason to panic yet, but it's just disconcerting.

However, perhaps this is what I need to assure me that I will have time to make him something BEFORE he gets here. I'm thinking an extra sweater would be good, since the weather seems to be turning cold again. I might modify the cardigan sweater and just not make it have the ridges, but still knit it the same way. I'll have to get some more buttons though. Maybe this time I can find some cute little sailboats or something. I might even get some green yarn and find some frog buttons.


allergicmom said...

One of the best pieces of advice I got was not to freak out if I had to have an emergency c-section, so I'm passing that on to you.

I had to have c's for both of my sons (the first was an emergency c because he went breech after 5 hours of labour; the second was breech the entire pregnancy). Turns out that my kids have 95th percentile heads, sigh.

It's scary, but it's worse if you freak out about the c and waste energy telling yourself that you're a bad mom because you couldn't do it vaginally. Because you're going to be a GREAT mom. It doesn't matter how the baby comes out.

Bells said...

How cool that you're going to be a mum/mom soon! Nice name you have picked, too. Love Sebastian.

I really hope it all goes well!

Erica said...

I was doing some research yesterday and came across a midwive's page telling real life stories about umbilical cords. The consensus of experienced midwives: none of them has ever had a child strangled by his umbilical cord. In fact, the older midwives recommend not even checking for the cord around the neck after the babies head emerges because it doesn't cause a danger, and causes unnecessary pain and discomfort to the mom. Hope this makes you rest a little easier. Wishing you luck and health.

Stefaneener said...

Hi there -- a couple of mine were threatening breech late in pregnancy. I'm sure you've heard of doing a lot of knee-chest positions and other "help the baby turn and settle" ideas! The worked a treat for me. Best of luck!