Wednesday, May 04, 2005

There is always something there to remind me...

Wow...two posts in a week. I'm doing good this week. In any case, I found 5 extra skeins of the mohair yarn in my stash, so I'm up to 950 meters for my sweater. I don't know how well it's going to work out, but if it has to be 3/4 length sleeves or just a round neck, no worries. That's the joy of making it up as you go along. You get to control the outcome based on the materials at hand and if you find changes are needed they are easily made.

I was told that my Backyard Leaves scarf looked like something from J. Crew. Go Annie! The only thing I'm not happy about (it's the perfectionist in me, people) is the seam. I was afraid of the scarf "dipping" in where the seam was, and sure enough, it does. I'm going to try and block that out and see if that will fix it.

I still have a skein of LionBrand Magic Stripes for a pair of socks, and I might start that after I get done with this sweater. I've been told socks go quickly...we'll see. If they go easily, I might see about making socks for some people for Christmas. I also have 2 skeins of Cascade 220 that's calling my name and begging to be played with, but I just haven't found quite what I'm looking for yet. I need to go back to Knitty and look up a pattern that might work. I love being creative some days! If I don't find exactly what I want there, I might just make it up too!

I have some other yarn that needs to be made into something. It distresses me to see some of it just sitting there...begging not only to be knit but also be worn. I have a wrap in mind for some different mohair (this is a peach/creme varigated) and then there's another huge bag of still more mohair (although I could be mistaken and it's just alpaca) that I think needs to be made into a cardigan. Perhaps I should use it to make the Sitcom Chic from Knitty. Or something similar. It would be extremely useful...and useful's always good. =)

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