Thursday, May 12, 2005


I have finally started deconstructing Soft Focus. Not to worry; I have pictures safely locked in my camera. I will get them developed this weekend and hopefully post them. This will prove to be a fun adventure. I already took the sleeves off and have undone all but the side seams of the sweater. I have also started the great adventure of undoing the collar on one side and I started undoing the shoulder on another...that one wasn't on purpose. I somehow got ahold of that particular end and started to pull, and we all know what happens when you blindly pull a string. You lose a button in the WRONG place on your blouse and have to use a safety pin for the rest of the day at the office to be, no, I didn't do that. Hopefully more will come later. I am still working on that mohair sweater...I'm not convinced that I like where it's going currently. I'm wavering back and forth on doing the actual pattern in Interweave Knits or creating my own. When I decide, I'll pick up those needles again. In the meantime, I'm trying to catch up on my reading. So far, it's not too shabby.

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