Monday, October 16, 2017

What to finish

I am being pulled in all kinds of directions for knitting.  I have a dishcloth, a sweater coat, a wrap, a sock and a unicorn that are all begging to be finished.  They are all in various stages, none of them super close (like within an hour, except maybe the dishcloth) of finishing, but all asking to be finished.  I also have those 2 unicorn hooded scarves to finish, as I got the needed yarn.  One of those might be done in an hour, but I doubt it, with all the fringe that needs to be cut. 

I have other things that need attention as well.  Children, laundry, food, books, boxes and housework all seem to speak at once, growing louder and louder each moment.  When I pick one, I calm and quiet it for a bit, but then it is replaced by something else. 

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