Thursday, October 05, 2017


I do not normally post things on politics or world events or highly controversial issues, because that is not the main point of this blog.  I write because I enjoy it, it is a creative outlet, and I believe someone somewhere reads it and understands about whatever I am talking.  Sometimes throwing some words out about frustration, excitement, or disappointment makes you feel better.  As much as I would love to gain superstar status like the Yarn Harlot, I never really expect it.  But recently, there have been things that have happened, both personally and nationally/globally, and although they are just my thoughts, I feel the need to share.

First, nationally, the tragedy in Las Vegas was just that, a tragedy.  Everyone across the globe is trying to make sense of it.  Sometimes, there is no sense.  Sometimes a crazy person is just a crazy person.  Sometimes evil is just evil.  This event has sparked stories of heroism from some of the victims and also reignited the "gun debate."

I have my own thoughts and feelings about these debates, but a shocking trend that I see is people taking half-truths or exceptions and making them the rule.  My perspective and opinion is to be informed, from both sides, before drawing a conclusion.  Reserve judgement until you have all the facts, or at least facts from more than one source.  When writing a research paper, in high school or in college, you always had more than one source to back your conclusion or argument.  Shouldn't that be all things, not just research papers?  Isn't it better to listen to both sides before passing judgement?  Isn't that what a court does?  Last time I checked, there were two sides in a court - the prosecution and the defense.  Both sides are heard, and then a verdict is reached. 

As for the natural disasters that have occurred, I feel terrible that so many have lost their homes, belongings, and even pets and loved ones.  Things can be replaced; people cannot. 

In my own life, nothing truly tragic has happened, and for that, I am truly grateful.  We have been blessed, although we have had our own set of trials.  No life is as golden as it seems.  There are many hard decisions for us to make, again, in some cases, and most are not pleasant.  Some may not see these as difficulties, but they are to us. 

I hope this season is filled with love and not hate for you.

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