Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Digging in the Garden

I promised pictures of the sweater, so here is where it stands:

I'm not sure if it's because I'm watching Game of Thrones while knitting, or if I just can't count, but I'm having the worst time with the second sleeve.  I had a hard time with the first one, and I thought it was because it was the first sleeve.  Maybe it's because I'm a little cocky where knitting this is concerned, and I'm not paying attention like I should.  In any case, I keep having to re-knit rows.

I finished this embroidery piece as well:

It's for a friend from half a lifetime ago, and I can't remember if she wanted it in a throw pillow or just framed.  What would you do?  I plan on sending it to her as soon as it's finished, as a surprise, so I'd rather not ask her.  I think it turned out well though.

We started a garden last month, and I had to wait on the seeds to sprout before planting them.  But here's a look:

Some of the seeds sprouted before the others (top and middle pictures) and so I moved them to slightly larger pots.  The bottom is a store-bought chocolate mint plant on the right (who knew such a thing existed?!) and some moonflowers that were started from seeds.  I hope to transplant all the larger plants to the garden patch this week.  Speaking of the garden patch:

Our garden currently consists of 3 strawberry plants and purple basil.  We get visitors in the morning - sweet little bunnies that like to nibble on the fruits.  That's okay though - we still get most of what is produced.  What are you spending your time doing these days?  Any ideas about the Tigger?

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